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Mortgage Broker Walthamstow

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Mortgage Broker Walthamstow

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Do you have to use a mortgage broker in Walthamstow?

If you’re looking to buy in Walthamstow, you’ve probably been asked by countless estate agents to use a local mortgage broker in Walthamstow.

Some estate agents can be quite keen on you using their in-house broker too.

Rest assured, you do not need to use a local broker in Walthamstow if you don’t want to.

Me saying this might seem counterintuitive… Why would a mortgage broker in Walthamstow say you don’t need to use a local broker?

For two simple reasons:

1. If it’s us you’re considering, we’d only want you to use us if you want to use us and we’d never want you to feel pressured to use us.

2. You should view a mortgage broker as someone you’ll have a long-lasting relationship with, rather than a transactional relationship because you’re living in a certain location at the moment but might move in future.

It can therefore be beneficial to find an independent mortgage broker who can help wherever you buy.